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Client Testimonials

"I feel so much more confident and excited about weaning after our session! I now feel like I have the insights to know what I should be including in my diet as a breastfeeding mum of a multiply food allergic child, for both of us as well as the right approach to take for weaning. Lisa raised a number of things I had not come across before despite a lot of research and reading. She also had a number of practical food suggestions that will work for us. I will be recommending her to all my mum friends!"

Kat, Surrey. November 2020

"Thank you so much! You have been extremely helpful in highlighting the nutritional requirements for my baby. In addition you provided me with much practical advice (including social and environmental aspects to consider around feeding times, plus recipe ideas to maximise nutrition and taste). This has increased my confidence in feeding my baby. I also value your support in explaining my baby's needs to my G.P. to help them understand and appreciate the challenges of multiple food allergies. Excellent service!"

Jenny Pasceri, Derby, April 2019

"I decided to have a consultation with Lisa when my daughter was 7 weeks old and was suffering with severe sickness and eczema whenever she consumed formula milk. I found the situation very stressful and was extremely concerned about my daughter’s slow weight gain. We started with an initial consultation, where from symptoms, Lisa diagnosed a delayed milk protein allergy. We then went on to discuss suitable formula milks for my daughter to try, treatment for her eczema and also a dairy free diet for myself whilst I was still breastfeeding. Within a month my daughter was settled on a suitable formula milk and her eczema had cleared up. Lisa has been such a great help during a very worrying time, and without her expertise we would not have known how to move forward. We have since met with Lisa when my daughter reached 6 months old to discuss the introduction of solids. Lisa has advised us on a wide range of dairy free products and meal ideas suitable for a milk protein allergy. This information has been so helpful, and I can now ensure my daughter is getting a balanced diet with the correct amounts of calcium and vitamins without having dairy in her diet. "

Claire, Nottingham. May 2017.

"I felt stuck as my little boy started off getting what I just thought was reflux symptoms but then was getting symptoms that I was unsure whether was lactose intolerant or was a cows milk allergy. I visited the FANS website and left my details to be messaged back. Lisa messaged me with a questionnaire for me to fill out that ask you a series of questions for you to answer what symptoms your child gets after having certain foods that either reacts straight away or delayed. I found the questionnaire easy to fill out. Once I had done it online, Lisa messaged me back very quickly and suggested what I needed to do to help my little boy, gave me lots of useful advice and ensured that I get him to a GP as soon as possible to get him on a suitable milk and even put in her reply which milk he needed to go on first and then what he would need if he didn't tolerate the first milk. She also told me that he would need a dietitian and a blood test. I feel like now there is a light at the end of the tunnel what has seemed like a very hard and stressful few weeks; and I cannot thank her enough"

Alix Johnson, Mapperley, Nottingham. October 2016.

"Our mission is to provide a patient-centred service that supports early recognition,
diagnosis and treatment of food allergy in children, thereby enhancing quality of life"
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